Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. (AGCOS) took part in 8th International Geological and Geophysical Conference and Exhibition – Saint Petersburg 2018: Innovations in Geosciences — Time for Breakthrough, 9–12 April 2018 Saint Petersburg, Russia and presented the following papers:

Particularities of 5-component magnetotelluric soundings application for mineral exploration


In the application of electroprospecting for mineral exploration, there are few clearly observed trends based on the development of electroprospecting technologies, hardware, software and computer technologies aimed at the increase of electroprospecting application in comparison with other EM methods, application of electroprospecting at all stages of the exploration cycle and the increase of application of induction electroprospecting methods, first of all, these based on the investigations of the natural EM field of the Earth (NEMFE). A special role here is played by the method of Broadband Magnetovariational Profiling (BMVP).

Three stages in the application of electroprospecting are quite clearly distinguished: exploration for new mining provinces according to the distribution of resistivity in the Earth’s crust and upper mantle (deep MT, scale 1 : 5,000 000 – 1 : 1,000 000), large conductive ore bodies exploration with a prospecting survey square area of more than 100 km2 by airborne geophysics (for areas with smaller size – 5-component AMT on a scale of 1 : 200,000 – 1 : 50,000), and support of drilling operations, mapping of veins and dikes – 5-component AMT on the scale 1 : 20,000 – 1 : 5,000 in complex with induction and geometric soundings using control source.