What is Electroprospecting?

  • Electroprospecting is the technology used for geological mapping and mining exploration which is based on the reconstruction of electrical properties distribution in the given section of the Earth
  • In the last 10 years this technology has made tremendous advancements and expanded its scope of applications and geological tasks which it can resolve in a wide depths intervals
  • The main theory behind EM methods application is based on the difference of electrical resistivity for various mining commodities – there are more than 7 decades difference between various mineral ore’s:

Electroprospecting is the main exploration method for:
  • Mining (gold, VMS, uranium, kimberlites, etc.)
  • Geothermal
  • Groundwater
  • Construction materials
  • Geological engineering applications
  • Permafrost, glacier and melt rock mapping – precise mapping of groundwater boundaries
  • Investigation, monitoring and prediction of volcano’s and earthquakes
  • Earth’s deep crust & mantle research
  • Very effective for oil & gas exploration
  • Monitoring of geodynamics, important engineering installations, karst and landslides

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