Our Services

Broadband EM Technologies & Solutions for Mining Exploration & Mapping Applications

Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. (AGCOS) has at its disposal state-of-the-art multifunction geophysical EM instrumentation, complex of cutting-edge geophysical EM techniques and highly skilled geophysicists with many years of practical experience on various exploration projects which allow us precisely, effectively, quickly, and most importantly, cost-effectively evaluate licenced properties for exploration potential without missing any anomalies even in very complex geological environments:

  • AGCOS provides technological and hardware solutions for wide range of mining, geological and engineering tasks and, most importantly, for discoveries of new mineral deposits
  • AGCOS provides geophysical consulting services ranging from optimal and cost effective data acquisition system configuration for various field surveys and geological tasks to data interpretation and final geological survey results
  • Supplier of wideband multifunction turn-key geophysical data acquisition systems for all known electroprospecting methods and wide range of geological, engineering and scientific applications
  • Technology applications are ranging from 1-2m deep to oil and gas, earth crust and mantle studies
  • Supplier of know-how Marine EM systems for coastal shelf and transition zones which are deployed from small vessels
Contract Services & Consulting:
  • Ground EM surveys – survey design, planning, data acquisition, QC/QA, data processing and interpretation for solving a variety of exploration problems in wide depth intervals
  • Field survey cost reduction and optimization
  • Geophysical consulting, technical support and assistance
  • Exploration projects supervision and support
  • Field and classroom training for electroprospecting techniques
  • Geophysical instruments and software sales
  • Geophysical instruments repair, testing and calibration services