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Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. (AGCOS) is based in Toronto, Canada and is a leading manufacturer of broadband multifunction ground and marine EM instruments and accessories for investigation of electrical properties distribution from 0 to 150,000m depth interval and wide range of onshore and offshore applications, including mining, oil & gas, geothermal, groundwater and kimberlites exploration, geological engineering, wide range of subsurface mapping, monitoring, research, studies, analysis and scientific investigations. AGCOS offers full spectrum of geophysical services, including cost-effective and quality ground EM surveys, data collection, processing and interpretation, field and classroom training, consulting, project technical support and supervision, equipment and software sales, repair and testing services.

We specialize on the newest and most advanced geophysical EM techniques, our equipment is currently the finest in the world for realization of the latest advancements in EM methods, hardware and software, ensuring the most accurate and detailed geological results and precise coordinates for follow-up exploration drilling program. Our geophysicists have extensive experience gained during successful exploration of various commodities around the world and we can recommend the most effective complex of geophysical EM techniques for any exploration project in wide depth intervals, plan, prepare, organize and manage exploration program, field data acquisition, processing, analysis, interpretation and final report preparation.

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