About Us

Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. established in 2006 in the world’s hotbed of geophysical equipment manufacturing – Toronto, Canada. The core of the company is a team of specialists in fields of geophysics, electronics, information technology, and communication technology, who successfully combine knowledge and expertise of North American, European and Asian markets. Our goal is to design and implement innovative geophysical techniques, new and reliable equipment for ground and marine EM geophysical surveys around the world in order to resolve a wide range of exploration, engineering and scientific tasks.

AGCOS is the first company to introduce wide spectrum of high precision field tripods for precise induction magnetic sensor installation on any terrain and in any climate.

AGCOS plays an active role in the development of high frequency Magnetovariational Profiling (MVP) technique. Due to the introduction of precision field tripods, this non-grounded all-season technique became not only a highly sensitive tool for mapping and mining exploration, but a highly productive one as well.

The super-multifunction broadband EM receivers Gepard (4 or 8 channels) support all known ground electroprospecting techniques and can be used for marine EM surveys as well. Touchscreen, convenient interface gives the opportunity for easy, intuitive operation, as well as an option to display some survey results in the field.

AGCOS is also a pioneer in the development and manufacturing of environmentally-friendly shallow marine EM (costal shelf and transition zones) 2-5 channel multifunction data acquisition systems.

Please review our Products page for detailed equipment and software specifications.