EM Technologies

AGCOS’s supplies turn-key broadband super-multifunction geophysical EM data acquisition systems for all known ground EM methods and a wide range of applications, scope of resolved tasks and exploration depths. AGCOS was first in the world to introduce wide spectrum of precision field tripods for magnetic sensor installation on any terrain or climate which significantly increased accuracy and productivity of field surveys. AGCOS has a know-how environmentally friendly shallow marine EM technology (coastal shelf and transition zones) for solving offshore exploration tasks. The Magnetovariational Profiling method (MVP) is new environmentally-friendly electroprospecting technique for mining exploration which allows to detect anomalies located away from measurement profiles, target drilling during the course of field surveys, reduce amount of measurement sites and, hence increase productivity and reduce survey costs, as well as provide robust  estimation of parameters of detected anomalies in the field without carrying out inversion.

EM Technology & Solutions Advantages:

Application of latest and most accurate complex of geophysical EM techniques in the field guarantees robust and precise results at less cost when compared to other geophysical technologies:

  • Investigations in wide depth interval – from first few meters up to 100’s km for regional exploration and deep crust & mantle studies
  • Robust assessment of licensed areas by complex of MT(AMT)-MVP methods (few days) with estimation of depth, conductivity, angle of inclination, volume and approximate composition of detected anomalies in the field without carrying out inversion (full interpretation)
  • Ability to detect of anomalies and ore bodies located away from measurement profiles
  • Opportunity to target drilling during the course of field surveys
  • Reduction measurement sites quantity, survey costs and increased productivity
  • Opportunity to target drilling during the course of field surveys
  • Ultimate broadband multifunction EM hardware-software complex GEPARD-4 & GEPARD-8 allowing easy integration several of geophysical exploration techniques for most accurate and reliable results
  • Wide range of applications and scope of resolved tasks
  • All terrain, all climate, all season technology