ZOND – ZondSP2D Software



ZondSP2D program is designed for Self Potential (SP) method 2D data interpretation.

The medium model is created through a number of cells. Each cell has the resistivity value and type of conductivity (ion or electronic) properties. Sources of SP field are installed at the borders of the cells with different type of conductivity. The size of the cells is decreasing with depth, as it is connected to the sensitivity of the method.

Due to convenient interface, ZondSP2D allows to create models of different configurations and complexity.

The software represents turn-key solution for self-potential method, and solves wide range of problems ranging from mathematical modeling to field data interpretation. Convenient interface and variety of data visualization features allow to solve wide range of geological problems with maximum effectiveness.

There are convenient ways to take into account the apriory geophysical and geological information. There is also a possibility to set weights for each apriory information. Robust ways to remove the noise have been implemented in the software. The possibility to import and view the other geophysical methods data, and first of all borehole data, allows to carry out an integrated interpretation.

ZOND Software Package for data processing, analysis and interpretation

Potential Methods:

ZondMag2D 2D gravity and magnetic data interpretation (versions Ground, Airborne)
ZondPGM 2D gravity and magnetic data interpretation in polygonal way
ZondMag3D 3D gravity and magnetic data interpretation
ZondSP2D 2D electric self-potential data interpretation
ZondSP2Dp 2D electric self-potential data interpretation in polygonal way


Geometrical EM Sounding and Profiling:

ZCGViewer Calculation and visualization of electric resistivity profiling graphic maps and apparent resistivity maps (for different arrays)
ZondIP1D VES and VES-IP 1D data interpretation
ZondHED1D VES 1D data interpretation with induction effect calculation
ZondRes2D Resistivity + IP 2D data interpretation (versions Land, Marine, Borehole)
ZondRes2Dp Resistivity + IP 2D data interpretation in polygonal way (versions Land and Borehole)
ZondRes3D Resistivity + IP 3D data interpretation (versions Land, Marine, Borehole)
ZondCHT Resistivity, IP and EM logging 2D data interpretation (specialized for borehole measurements)


Induction EM Sounding:

Natural Source:
ZondMT1D MT (AMT, RMT) 1D data interpretation
ZondMT2D MT (AMT, RMT) 2D data interpretation




 Control Source (Frequency Domain):
ZondVMD1d FDEM sounding with vertical magnetic source dipole 1D data interpretation
Nemfis1D Electromagnetic scanner (Nemfis) 1D data interpretation


Control Source (Time Domain):
ZondTEM1D TDEM sounding 1D data interpretation for source loop and electric dipole




ZondST2D Seismotomography 2D data interpretation
ZondST3D Seismotomography 3D data interpretation





SectionEditor Software for geological –geophysical section creation
BHEditor The software for lithological columns creation
Z3DModView Software for 3D visualization of 2D inversion results
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