Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. (AGCOS) participated in the Exploration 17 Integrated Earth Sciences Conference & Exhibition, October 21-25, 2017, Toronto, Canada. AGCOS presented the following paper:

Effective All Season Method for Mining Exploration 


Magnetovariational profiling method (MVP) was introduced into the field practice in the 1950–60s of the last century, subsequent to the works of Parkinson (1959), Wiese (1965) and Schmucker (1970). During that time period, low frequency variant (10–1000 sec frequency range) was widely used for the detection and parameter estimation of large electrical conductivity anomalies in the Earth’s crust and upper mantle. The appearance of the 5th generation of electroprospecting equipment in the 1970–80s allowed MVP method to become a regular add-on to magnetotelluric soundings (MT) in the 5-component variant. At the turn of the century, active implementation into field survey practice of the 5th generation digital multifunction EM instruments resulted in significant increase in the number of audio-magnetotellurics (AMT) measurements, which were widely used for mining exploration. In turn, the demand for the induction vector and tipper interpretation techniques was emphasized. Besides the development of effective 2-D inversions, express interpretation methods which allowed estimation of the parameters (depth, conductivity, angle of inclination, etc.) of the conductive body during the course of the field survey were proposed. Consequently, as well as due to the application of precision field tripods for quick and accurate installation of the magnetic sensors, the 3-component MVP method became an effective independent ground electroprospecting technique for addressing a wide range of mining exploration tasks.